What is a Major?

What is a Major?  When we cover colleges / universities a question that always comes about concerns Majors and Minors.  A Major is an emphasis of study. political-scinceAfter you complete your General Ed. courses you will need to find a Major in order to graduate.  Everyone takes general ed courses, but not everyone take the same major.  I majored in Political Science at the University Ca. Santa Barbara.  Political Science is the study of government[s] and the analysis of political behaviors.  In other words, I was good at essay type exams.  In communications, the exams were more A, B, C, etc … Political Science was essay based and a better fit for tastes.



What is Bankruptcy?

As defined by Nolo.com:

“Bankruptcy is a process in which consumers and companies can eliminate or repay some or all of their debts under the protection of the federal bankruptcycourt …”

Bankruptcy kids is the elimination of massive stress and crisis!  Once you are over your head and unable to battle a financial crisis, YOU PULL THE RIPCORD.  You want to avoid this process at all costs.

freedomBankruptcy is not, and should not, be a fashionable tool to meander through your life, but it is a legal tool to help get a fresh start and your life back. Bankruptcy can come in different forms.  Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13.  Individuals, small businesses, and large corporations can use Bankruptcy as a way out.  Read more about the bankruptcy basics

Before declaring for bankruptcy, one should contact the credit card company and see if they will work with your situation.  Most likely they won’t but you need to try.  The next step to consider is “Debt Consolidation”.  This is where you consolidate your debt by making monthly payments “hoping” a consolidation company can widdle your debt down to a zero payment.

There are negatives associated with bankrupcty and the number one is your Negative Credit Report for 7 years.  For seven years, you will have to build your credit back up.  You will have to deal with higher interest rates for a home or auto loan.  You will also have to deal with fraudulent websites like BankruptReport.com.  Websites like this take those who have been listed as bankrupt and post their names on there website hoping these people will pay a fee to have their names removed.  Luckily websites like RipoffReport.com expose these types of sites and there real motive …. Money.Plunging into Bankruptcy - Financial Speedometer

With credit cards come Interest Rates.   It’s important to understand these rates and what you pay for borrowing money!   Always seek out a Low interest rate.  My credit cards were low (2-4%) but that soon changed when the economic floor fell out and my interest rates exploded to 16-23%!  Yikes… I was doomed… a valuable lesson to “try” and follow… If you can’t pay cash for what you want, then you shouldn’t be using a credit card to purchase it.

Bottom line kids:  Stay home and live with your parents as long as you can!  🙂

What is a Tag?

You want to know what is a Tag?

TagsTags are KEYWORDS that allow others to FIND YOUR SITE….. using TAGS with a great TITLE and CONTENT will allow search engines to verify your Post as a “relevant”, “worthy” Post.

Line up the TITLE, BODY CONTENT, CATEGORIES and TAGS and you may just be found….

What TAGS did you use to write this POST?  Example – “what is a tag”, “what is a tag in wordpress”.