How to Type Faster in Middle School

How to Type Faster in Middle School

Typing is a skill that can be learned by REPETITION…. Over and over and over, you will become more proficient.  Today’s Common Core Standard Tests REQUIRE students to TYPE and TYPE PROFICIENTLY.  If you or a student are unable to type, you may find the time necessary to finish the test a little short.

If you want to learn to type faster, here are some sample websites:

Remember to keep your hands in the HOME POSITION (SEE BELOW)

Technology Class in Middle School

Technology Class in Middle School

Ever wonder what a Technology Class in Middle School is like?  Here is our example from BMMS (Black Mountain Middle School).  ITECH104 

technology (1)This course covers:

  1. Internet Safety
  2. The CPU
  3. HTML (hand coding)
  4. HTML5 (Wix)
  5. SEO
  6. WordPress
  7. Nasdaq
  8. Conversion
  9. Renting/Leasing
  10. High Schools
  11. Colleges
  12. Grants/Scholarships
  13. Job Hunting
  14. Domestic Trips
  15. International Trips
  16. Video Editing …. and more!

See my class in San Diego:   Technology 104