How to remove Yellow Finger Nails stains After working with Oil

How to get rid of yellow finger nails AFTER WORKING WITH AUTOMOTIVE OIL.   Before you paint/epoxy a garage floor, you have to degrease and remove All the oil. 

After cleaning my garage floor of years of automotive oil, I soon realized I had yellow finger nails.  I used too much degreaser, I was supposed to dilute with water but I went all in straight.   Between the degreaser and massive oil, my hands bled and discolored.


I dipped my fingers in HYDROGEN PEROXIDE for 5min.  No added water, STRAIGHT HYDROGEN PEROXIDE!

My fingers started to burn in areas I had scratches or scrapes.   I then put my hands in warm water with palmolive…. my stinging went away and my ugly yellow finger LIKE NEW.

*** I found this site for more info:  the Fabhow