How To Write a Great Blog Post in WordPress

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How To Make a Great Blog POst in WordPress

How To Write a Great Blog Post in WordPress

If you just started blogging, you are going to figure out how to write a great post by  just doing it.  Here are some tips in Writing a Great Post.

  1. Have a GREAT TITLE.  The title is how your blog post will be found via internet searches.  For example, “How to Make a Floating Headboard Cheap and Easy”… google it.  You will find My Post.
  2. Make sure your TITLE IS IN YOUR BLOG POST.  It is really important that your TITLE is used within your post and TAGS!  This is SEO.
  3. TAGS- make sure your TITLE IS IN YOUR TAG.  Make sure you use RELEVANT TAGS so people can find your site/post!
  4. Include IMAGES with Hyperlinks.  Create a great user experience for you readers.  Make sure they have information on the topic.
  5. Last… if you have informative video, like a youtube or vimeo video, include that for your reader.  If you are posting on a How To, make sure to include a clean, hd video…. example.