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I, Jeff Ranoa, technology and PE teacher, in San Diego, am the The Biggest Bandwagon

Fan in the WorldI have consistently lost year after year in football, baseball, and basketball.  I started following the Outstanding San Diego Chargers in 1976.

I started following the sad and pathetic San Diego Clippers in 1979.  You can see them in Los Angeles, still losing continually.

San Diego Clippers
San Diego Clippers

The San Diego Padres, 1978.  Ozzie Smith was drafted in 1977, with Gene Richards, Randy Jones, and Dave Winfield, the Padres were a team to watch.   But loss after loss, the team soon shipped Dave Winfield and Ozzie Smith.

Losses mounted and the Padres became the junk of the league.  Today the lowly Padres are still fighting for the bottom of the barrel.

Being the THE BIGGEST BANDWAGON FAN IN THE WORLD has allowed me to selectively achieve SUCCESS YEAR AFTER YEAR.  I now am a Charger, Patriot and Golden State Warrior…. in baseball, i’m waiting to see who wins it all and that will be MY TEAM!

The MY TEAM, the Washington Nationals, just won for the first time and I can’t tell you how stoked AGAIN that I AM A WINNER AGAIN!!!!

*** Currently it looks like MY LAKERS are on the verge of another CHAMPIONSHIP!

Mr. Ranoa – The Biggest Bandwagon Fan in the World.