2022 Motorola razr review by a razr guy

2022 razr chinese version

The Motorola Razr 2022 5g is HUGE. Fold it and it feels better, but it’s HUGE. When I first got it, my first thought was to sell it asap. After 2 days, I love and missed this phone.

I have an S21 Ultra, the battery life is amazing, but I have to say the Razr lasts. When you close or clam it, the phone goes into battery save mode. After a full day at work, I came home with 80% left… that’s pretty good!

When musing videos, Instagram and Tiktok, the battery will fall, but still pretty surprised.

new verse old – size matters

Razr opened is 6.7″ – huge

motorola flip phone 2022

razr 2022 verse s6+ | 6.7″ verse 5.7″

best flip phone

After a couple days I found myself working while the phone was closed. Remember this, you need to make the font/view smaller in order for some apps to show properly when the phone is closed. For example, my text preference would not show when I was viewing in a Larger font.

As soon as I lessened the viewable, my text app showed up. The defaulted texting app didn’t work for me, you can use your own. Some apps will work when closed and some won’t. It’s a great phone when closed!

There is a noticeable crease 100%. You can see it because of the two hinge bars and you can feel it. It doesn’t bother me one bit. The screen is great, the view is tight and crisp. Go to YouTube and search for a 5k video…. Awesome. Back to the crease, you will feel it, at first you think there is a lift on the screen, but it’s just how it’s built. You will feel a soft spot, don’t worry, it works great.

Ease of use – On and Off. The fingerprint on the side is fast and responsive. I’ve always hated the fingerprint on the front. This is not janky, it’s great.

Charging with 65w charger – 0%-100% in 56min.

How’s the Bluetooth? Not as solid as the S21 Ultra. I used to be able to walk into rooms with the S21, the RAZR cuts out.

Overall I’m stoked I paid just under $1,100 USD from GIZTOP. This is a Legit website. I ordered the phone at 2am Solana Beach time and received the phone 5 days later, it might of been 4. No emails, No thank you’s, just the phone quick. I paid $29.99 expedited shipping. It’s worth it.

chinese version flip phone

Best Flip Phone 2022 Razr

6.7″ Viewable | Snapdragon Processor

After a week of using this phone, I’m stoked. The fitting in the pocket, using the phone without opening, simple things like using 3 fingers to screenshot and more…. the Razr 22 is worth the money.

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The Biggest Bandwagon Fan in the World – Jeff Ranoa  |  MrTeacherMan


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I started following the sad and pathetic San Diego Clippers in 1979.  You can see them in Los Angeles, still losing continually.

San Diego Clippers
San Diego Clippers

The San Diego Padres, 1978.  Ozzie Smith was drafted in 1977, with Gene Richards, Randy Jones, and Dave Winfield, the Padres were a team to watch.   But loss after loss, the team soon shipped Dave Winfield and Ozzie Smith.

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GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS 2022 – biggest bandwagon fan in the world
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The Biggest Bandwagon Fan in San Diego

The Biggest Bandwagon Fan in San Diego
The Biggest Bandwagon Fan in San Diego

Yes. ..Mr. Ranoa is the Biggest Bandwagon Fan in San Diego.   A charger fan since 1976, the biggest bandwagoner is about to jump back on the bolt wagon!   I began with John Jefferson, Chalie Joiner, Kellen Winslow …. Wes Chandler… Chuck Muncie …. led by Fouts.

I remember Fred Dean, “Big Hands” Johnson, Louie Kelcher, and LeRoy Jones….. we used to have the greatest offense, but the defense has always been an achilles heal….

John Jefferson San Diego Charges

Because of constantlosing, heartache, let-downs, and grim finishes, I, Jeff Ranoa, have become The Biggest Bandwagon Fan in San Diego … sadly, but proudly.

Like I have always told you kid. … ALWAYS STICK WITH YOUR TEAM!